Review di Strategie Energetiche

14 Gennaio 2017

Da una segnalazione di Giovanni Vallini

Dani_Rodrik-Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Volume 30, Number 3, 2014, pp. 469–491

Abstract: Green growth requires green technologies: production techniques that economize on
exhaustible resources and emit fewer greenhouse gases. The availability of green technologies both lowers
social costs in the transition to a green growth path and helps achieve a satisfactory rate of material
progress under that path. The theoretical case in favour of using industrial policy to facilitate green
growth is quite strong. Economists’ traditional scepticism on industrial policy is grounded instead
on pragmatic considerations having to do with the difficulty of achieving well-targeted and effective
interventions in practice. While these objections deserve serious attention, I argue that they are not
insurmountable. A key objective of this paper is to show how the practice of industrial policy can be
improved by designing institutional frameworks that counter both informational and political risks.
Key words: green growth, industrial policy

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